The Belgian Kempo Organisation and Similar Fighting Arts brings you a large range of activities. With this in scope, we open our doors to a wide audience by offering multiple arts. Beside Kempo, you can also practice, among others, disciplines like Jiu Jutsu, Kung Fu…

Nowadays, the federation has many today clubs and sections in Belgium and abroad. If you want to know more about our training locations and various activities, we would recommend you to check out our clubs section.


The Belgian Kempo Organisation and Similar Fighting Arts offers you a choice of disciplines for all ages. The teachers are well prepared to share their knowledge with you and to welcome you as a family member. As a member of the federation, you will be able to join in competitions. What are you waiting for to have a go?

Shin Gi Tai Kempo:

Shin Gi Tai Kempo is an evolution of Shin Gi Kempo which consists on a complete and accurate restructuring realized by Sijo Daniel Hayen

The main goal of this art is to create a logical style that could be used by everybody whatever the characteristics of the practitioner could be. Attributes like size, weight, age, gender (…) would then become obsolete.

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Already brown or black belt:

Have you already completed your path to the brown belt (3,2,1 Kuy) or the black belt in another Martial Art?

Are you willing to join the Belgian Kempo Organisation (BKO) or the International Shin Gi Tai Kempo Association (ISGTKA)?

Send a photocopy of your black belt certificate or grading licence book to the BKO or ISGTKA. Every request will be examined whereupon, you will be contacted.

Once it has been established you meet the requirements, you will then have to follow an accelerated instructor or teacher course which will then allow you to open a section or a club.

To proceed, please go on the contacts section.