United World Sport Kempo Federation (UWSKF) was created to unite all Kempo under one Olympic Project, making it the strongest and largest in the world. UWSKF brings together all family of KEMPO (Chuan Fa, Kuen Fat, Kempo, Kenpo, Kajukenbo, Gung Fu, Tum Pai, Wun Hop Kuen Do, Lua, Lima Lama,…) UWSKF is recognized as the world’s fastest growing sport kempo organization, increasing every day with new organizations, clubs and athletes. The possibilities for development of Sport Kempo in an Olympic Project are great, finding common point is now a reality the sport is developing worldwide. The final step for the UWSKF Official Sport Kempo for Olympic Dreams project was on 5th April 2017, in Caldas da Rainha – Portugal, its official start promoting the 7º WAC with over 6.200 competitors from 64 countries.