Shin Gi Tai Kempo comes from Shin Gi Kempo whose roots are coming from the combination of three different styles:

  • Chinese Pai Gai Noon
  •  Kosho Ryu Kempo
  • Nakamura’s Kempo

Shin Gi Kempo was born thanks to Great Master Soke Ceuliman who had the idea to mix those styles. This new martial arts is an harmony of many linear and circular techniques. Due to a severe illness, GM Soke Ceuliman, who lived in Belgium, decided to go back to his country. This event felt like a wind of change. Under the pressure of some high ranked practitioners, such as Brugman (NL), Poestges, Turnau and Eckert, (DE) among others; Daniel Hayen has founded the B.K.O (Belgian Kempo Organisation).

Following a hierarchic rule, Senseï Ogy should have succeed to Soke Ceuliman. However, he refused as he believed the complexity of the task was extreme. Therefore Senseï Hayen, who worked a lot with his master, was designated as the bearer of the flame.

It’s in Germany that he received from the hands of Shihan Klaus Poestges (9th Dan), the  Densho of transmission. This official document is stating the agreement of Master Ceuliman to choose Sensei Hayen as  his successor.

As a first step, Sijo Hayen started to structure the system. Until then, nothing was accomplished to gather the knowledge as everything was only orally transmitted to students. To offer each practitioner the same support and sources, he decided to write all techniques.

Day by day, the huge amount of work and the new restructuring slowly started to bear fruit…  As a recognition, this evolution grew interest in other countries; and is now known in the entire world.

Furthermore, through its evolution, the Shin Gi Kempo style born of two elements (sky and earth or mind and technique) was ready to become the Shin Gi Tai Kempo, style; welcoming a new element: the  body.

To summarize in short way… Everything is tightly connected together…