Kempo is a combination of old and ancient fighting techniques with modern and scientific principles. Kempo is an endless stream of movements, a force that can immobilize any opponent. Each motion predicts a specific reaction from the ‘enemy’. Each response  prepares the next one. This logical stream and constant action are the essence of Kempo.

Kempo may be the most deadly Martial Art of all. To control the energy born of Kempo, the practitioner must be in total control of himself. Therefore, the mind should be trained first, followed by the body to finally be able to develop this inner force, synonym of perfect balance and harmony with oneself. It is possible to learn the way through Kempo lessons. A Kempo master is more effective than a Karate specialist. He is a master of martial art, because he is the master of himself.

You can discover this Martial Art by watching the movie “The Perfect weapon”. Here below a summary of the plot:

After Jeff’s mother died, he started acting up. His father not knowing what to do with him decides to consult his friend, Kim. Kim suggests that Jeff joins a Kenpo school. Jeff seems to have all of his negative energy under control but when he seriously injures someone, his father throws him out. Years later, Jeff, still in touch with Kim, believes he is in trouble. Jeff rushes to help him but is too late. Jeff’s relationship with his father is still strained. When a Korean gives him info on who is responsible, Jeff goes after him but he is only a pion. Jeff decides to investigate and fight out the real killer.